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Unknown, possibly coined in the 19th century


  • /ˈskwɪfɪ/
    Rhymes with: -ɪfi


  1. slightly drunk or intoxicated; tipsy
    • 1992, J.B. Priestley, An Inspector Calls, Heinemann, ISBN 0435232827, page 51,
      In the Palace bar. I'd been there an hour or so with two or three other chaps. I was a bit squiffy.
  2. Crooked, askew; awry
    • 2004, Jude Rawlins, Cul De Sac: Lyrics, Prose & Poems 1987-2004,, ISBN 141160895X, page 11,
      To this day I cannot and will not wear a tie properly. On the one or two occasions I have worn them since I left school, I've worn them squiffy, on purpose.
    • 2005, Editors Catherine Soanes and Angus Stevenson, The Oxford Dictionary of English (revised edition), Oxford University Press,
      The graphics make your eyes go squiffy.



slightly intoxicated


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